Wales & Wye Laning
Wales & Wye Laning

WWL typically arrange a free green laning group meeting for other 4x4 owners to attend, and provide full details for the local drive. Below are just some of the legalities that are checked or arranged in advance. Normally the day will consist of a weekend meeting point with a 4-8hr green laning drive, this is also likely to include normal public tarmac roads aswell, hence your 4x4 has to be road legal for any greenlaning event. However for those that could do weekday meetings, this is often much quieter. Depending on attendance, groups would be split into a maximum of 5 vehicles, in certain areas 6 maybe acceptable.

From beginners to more experienced laners, all are welcome to attend. Many people who attend travel considerable distance with their 4x4 to appreciate the green lanes Wales has to offer. Please only use your 4x4 on either private land (with the owners permission), pay & play tracks, or a public "byway open to all traffic - BOAT" or "Other road with public access" - ORPA". These are normally indicated by arrow symbols enroute and may be subject to further "traffic regulation restrictions - TRO's".

You will be advised if your trip is an entry level or technically challenging outing and the days plan will be discussed with your team leader. If you are unhappy with any lanes you can always meet at the end and are under no pressure to continue. However with a friendly and experienced team with you, you can always guarantee an enjoyable trip within your abilities. Scratches and minor vehicle wounds unfortunately go with the hobby, and whilst we try not to avoid any damage their is the odd occasion where it is to be expected. To cover the group leader, a signed basic disclaimer may be required from you. Responsibility for any trips cancellation is up to the days group leader, if ground damage or bad weather is expected then this will be considered, and to ensure sustainability the route may be adjusted to suit. It would not be ideal to arrive in a new £25,000 Defender!

Regular stops to regroup and check vehicles, take photos, tea breaks or just a natter are normal, with the emphasis being on the challenge of completing the green lane without damage to yourself, vehicle or local environment (12mph is appropriate) and generally enjoying the company and scenic surroundings. This ensures everyone enjoys themselves, and rules and guidelines are adhered to for the byway to ensure everyone finishes safely. Always drive your 4x4 sympathetically to minimise damage all around.

WWL are always keen not to get earmarked as "mudpluggers" and therefore if you wish to race, attending a greenlaning event is not recommended. Other more suitable locations exist and churning up byways is not the place to do this and is not tolerated. We nearly always come across members of the public hiking or walking along with the meeting of other 4x4 greenlaners or clubs, so always be polite and act and drive responsibly, this is vital to the future of laning. See our "codes of conduct" on the FAQ page.

A RED arrow is generally unrestricted, but these should be confirmed in all cases. Both types of byway may also be used by walkers, cyclists or horseriders so please give way and take care. Byways are subject to standard road laws and legality so your vehicle should be taxed and insured. Do NOT use your 4x4 on Bridleways, Footpaths or RUPP's and always travel at slow speeds to minimise impact on the environment and your vehicle. Failure to do so may spoil it for everyone and aid the closing of the lane in future.

In 2006 many of these and other types of byway (such as roads used as public paths - RUPPS) also came under a new law called the "Natural Environment & Rural Communites Act - NERC's", which vastly reduces the amount of greenlanes available to drive in the UK.

Greenlane byways and orpa's are generally indicated on OS maps with a "+++" or circle symbols shown in green or pink, and should then be checked to see if any TRO's or NERC's apply to the route you intend to drive.

Legal permission to drive the route should be obtained from either a) the local council offices "definitive map" or b) get advice from the greenlaning association, or any other reputable 4x4 clubs. You should always try and check out the route for suitability and not travel alone in remote areas without the correct equipment.

WWL are not responsible for any of the third party links or information on this or other sites and all current information should be checked.

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