Wales & Wye Laning
Wales & Wye Laning

All organised group events adhere to the Greenlaning Associations standard Code of Conduct.

Below are some sensible and typical guidelines:-

Ensure your 4x4 is well maintained & prepared and does not leak oil.

Ensure your 4x4 is road legal.

Never go wading in water if your vehicle is unsuitable.

Wait at standstill with engine off if waiting for others to hill climb.

Respect the basic country code - close gates and take litter home.

Be courteous to other road users.

Switch off your engine for horses.

Travel as quietly as possible at an unobtrusive pace.

Wear sensible and correct kit.

Take basic recovery equipment or travel in small groups.

Do not drive on the public beaches.

Do not wash your vehicle in or near a water course.

Do not take detours off the recommended or legal route.

Do not tackle a very wet or muddy greenlane or cause deep ruts.

Do not use greenlanes as a playground or for testing, we can do this on a pay & play tracks.

Wales and Wye Laning often uses local well known byways for group green laning outings, amongst others were Sarn Helen, Strata Florida, Brechfa Forest & areas of mid Wales. Please do not drive on any NT, Forestry Commission Land, Common land or beaches as this is nearly always illegal.

WWL skip all the usual waffle, of a monthly pub meet, newsletters, fees etc. and are just about getting other 4x4 owners together for a safe day or weekends drive. We are always happy to advise others on places to go, visit or camp etc. within the county. Bad or illegal conduct will not be tolerated on any outings.

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